A girl who hangs out with or dates a guy solely to get him to buy her cheap foods, such as pizza. When pizza whores mature, they become dinner whores.
"Man, I keep buying my girl nice lunches at pizza hut, but she always leaves after we eat. She won't even say good bye!" "She's just a pizza whore, man. Get rid of her."
by John_m. January 12, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who does not ever get sick of pizza and not only eats it everyday but will do whatever it takes to tag along with someone whos getting pizza.
"Hey what'ca been up to?"
"Nothin much, just got back from Pizza Man"
"O really? wanna hang out?"
"yeah sure"
"annnnnd you think i can have some of that leftover Pizza Man?"
"sigh, yes you pizza whore"
by Floe, Skyler November 25, 2008
A person who will do anything for/with/on pizza
"Skylar is such a pizza whore"
"So is Honace"
"So is Emily"
"But Liz is the ultimate pizza whore i heard once she ate a whole pizza"
"Its true"
by Lets go fam June 10, 2016
A person who is willing to do anything for Pizza. Most pizza whores have similar names. Most common names are Braden, Brandon, or Brady's. Surnames include Jones, Johnson, etc.. Is rare cases a PW will have one of both names.
Braden Jones is such a Pizza Whore.
by likeajew November 21, 2014
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