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When you eat an inhuman amount of pizza and you start experiencing dizziness, nausea and overheating.
"Oh gosh, I should NOT have eaten that whole pizza, I got the pizza sweats!"
by RoXXXyCotton January 09, 2015
Pizza sweats are just as the name would imply; occurring when a person eats so much pizza perspiration will run from the individuals brow so profusely it must be wiped with a napkin and/or sleeve/forearm.
As Christian bit into his seventh slice of pizza perspiration began to bead on his brow. He realized what was happening and acted accordingly.

Christian - "Woo-eee, it looks like, I've gotten the pizza sweats again." and wiped is forehead using a Little Caesar napkin.
Brandon - "That's funny when I eat a lot of pizza I start sweating too."
by Lil' sizz' December 29, 2013
The repercussion of eating a large Domino's pizza all by yourself after a long night of drinking. The sweats will start the following morning due to the fact that your body is forcing a pizza baby to stay inside you, even though it has already started to crown while you were asleep.
Guy 1: Yo bro, how'd you sleep last night?
Guy 2: Pretty well, I don't even have a hang over. But I did wake up soaking wet from the pizza-sweats.
Guy 1: Man... You shouldn't have eaten that whole Domino's pizza after we drank last night!
by msn629 May 06, 2015

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