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1. A picture happy hipster. Artsy, creative, funky, and a little hippy a pixster is a photographer that looks through the lens at a slightly different angle then the main stream. Most pixsters use nature and organic subjects in their pictures.

2. A photo booth rental company in Southern California that uses hipsterish props and backgrounds to create unique and fun photos.
Look at that pixster taking pictures of elephants!
Does that pixster know his camera lens is on?
I hired a pixster photo booth for my wedding.
by hipster207 March 19, 2013
Pixie hipster. This particular hipster dresses like a pixie and is often seen sporting a ballerina dress. You might get lucky and spot one wearing bells. Pixsters occasionally have a wand in hand and might even sprikle magic pixie dust on you if you're lucky.
Pixsters are most likely to be seen in downtown Portland, Oregon.
by djconn August 03, 2008