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A domestic breed of cat bred to look like a Bobcat and accepted by TICA and ACFA, two purebred cat associations.
Mary finally decided on a lovely Pixie-Bob when she was
allowed to choose her own kitten.
by Raven Simons October 20, 2006
A blow job given to a mythological creature.

oral sex preformed in a whimsical location
except for the whole "crazy eyes" thing, i would totally let Madusa pixie bob the shit out of me!

#1.I heard that Wendy cheated on Peter Pan last week!

#2.yeah she got drunk and pixie bobbed the lost boys...
by Sabastian Fisher July 27, 2010
An "exotic" pet produced from breeding a bobcat with a domesticated cat.
"That's not just any old cat, it's a pixiebob"
by mista_cynn July 12, 2006
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