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A word used by pre pubescent girls to describe pictures. Extremely annoying word that some adults use because their brain has not fully developed.

Improper usage may include making it a double plural. IE: Pixs. Pictures's pictures?
Gregory(sms): Dude I was so f'd up last night, you should have seen the pix.
Ana(sms): I should have seen the what?

Gregory(sms): The pix dumbass.
Ana(sms): Only high school girls use that word slut.

Girl 1: OmFg!1! L00k @ thos PiXs I jus' Twited.
Girl 2: AwEsOmE!11!!!!1
by TheGoodDoktor April 15, 2010
Pics, as in pictures.
omg show me ur pr0n pix pls
by mr. bigglesworth May 29, 2004
this is short for pictures
lol, those are awesome pix
by tarnee September 18, 2005
p1x= 73h p1c74r5.
t3h p1x 0f j00= t3h gh3y.
by fd June 13, 2004

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