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A rabid Steelers fan that brags about his team like they have never had a losing season, and would suck the skin off a Steelers players cock and balls rather than face the reality that Pittsburgh sucks.
"Did you hear what that jack-ass said about the Steelers? He's a real Pittsburgh puffer."
by Raven dude December 03, 2008
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When the man gives anal and the woman farts and inflates the foreskin.

Alternate definition: During the act of Analingus the giver of said Analingus seals their mouth over the anus hole and the reciever of the ass licking farts as long and as voluminously as possible. Once the mouth is full the parties involved swap the ass gas for as long as they wish.
:Dude that bitch gave me a Pittsburgh Puffer!
:Fer realz? How big did your dick get?
:Nah man it wasn't like that we swapped ass gas for like an hour.
:Man you freaka
by Kyle L,. January 02, 2008
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