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A place where people poo their pants, pick blue berries, have a musium the size of a closet and is $10.00 for admission, and has a voulunteer fire hall because they can't afford to buy one.
that is Pitt Meadows quality.
by Yeeeee March 21, 2005
A suburb of Vancouver across the Pitt River that consists of Condo's, Farms, an Airport, a 7/11. Hordes of old people and young stoners clash nightly on Harris Road and its backroads, resulting in pages upon pages of written citations and warnings by the RCMP. Nothing special goes on here besides Roosters, everyone tends to leave during weekends if they get a desire to do something fun.
"Hey want to go to Pitt Meadows tonite to party?"

"What the fuck is a Pitt Meadows?"
by Mark MacLeod May 13, 2009
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