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Person on a BBQ Competition team or at a BBQ gathering who is charged with the important task of maintaining a constant temperature in the BBQ pit. This person may or may not be the head cook.
All we have to worry about is seasoning our meat and getting it on the grates. Our Pit Bitch will take care of the fire.
by Bigmista March 05, 2007
In motocross, the person that holds the racer's water or bike while the racer is preoccupied is called the pit bitch. Although it seems like a derogatory term, the job is actually very important to the racer. Female presence is expected.

In motorcycle racing, every pit bitch graduates to an umbrella girl and the clothing becomes sexier because of the lack of dirt and dust. Also, high heels can be worn on the pavement.
Squid: "Dude I could have totally used a pit bitch after that last moto, I nearly passed the fuck out when I came off the track!"

Pro: "Man, I remember those days. My pit bitch holds my water while I'm in the gate and she even holds my bike when I gotta take a piss!"
by CAPTAIN_CHRONIC January 05, 2011
A pit bitch is a female mechanic whether it be working on cars or motorcycles. These women work in the pits at racetracks. Hence the name pit bitch.
"Whoa look at that girl.. Shes not a flag slapper.. Shes a pit bitch!"
by Pitbitchh September 20, 2009
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