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The act of urinating in your partners mouth and then kissing. In the Gay BDSM community Gay Pigs and or Pissboys who engage and enjoy sexually the act of Watersports, to urinate in each other mouths, to drink piss and then to kiss. A Pisskiss.

I term of endearment is gay Social Networking.
You are the greatest Pissmate I love it when we Pisskiss.
by Yellowboy16 September 13, 2010
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The event of urine being splashed over the sphincter, buttocks, and/or perineum after faeces drops into the toilet water while the depositor is defecating.
"Bleurgh, just got piss-kissed by last night's bananas."
by Graham Gooch February 24, 2010
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Two participants, especially females, both engage in a golden shower with urine streamed in their mouths. The resulting kiss, with an expected exchange of urine, is a pisskiss.
Jenny and Kelly, both willing participants, engaged in a pisskiss with an exchange and swallowing of urine. The tongue action was appreciated.
by James Williams III February 18, 2007
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