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"Piss You Off Hot" is used to describe a girl who is so damn hot that it pisses you off.

Used in situations where being in the presence of a supremely attractive women is actually a hindrance to being able to enjoy one's self - either because you're already with a woman, or because the guy she's with is so obviously undeserving of being with such a babe that you can't ignore the injustice.
The blond girl across the restaurant looked potentially cute, although her boyfriend was a real slob, so I held out hope that she wasn't actually attractive. Later, she walked by my table, and dammit, she was piss-you-off-hot. The rest of the evening I was obsessed with trying to sneak peaks in direction. I couldn't even enjoy my dinner, much less make conversation with my date.
by jm2011 September 17, 2009
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