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Solo re-entry into an eatery where one has recently completed a meal with their significant other under the ruse of using the bathroom; when in fact; the express purpose of re-entry is to circle back and ascertain the availability and contact information of a bartender, server, fellow patron or former partner for a discreet encounter.
Virile Vic:

"Hey, Honey, I guess those ice teas must've hit me a little too hard, I gotta use the men's room. Why don't you go and warm-up the car?"
Dumb Donna:
"Ok, but; you really oughta see a urologist, you are doing this all the time.
Virile Vic: "Hey there, I have been wanting to talk to you all night; you see my sister, gets embarassed when I talk to hot women in front of her; poor thing; since her husband left her for some tramp; cheating men are such jackasses and so insensitive; so I came back to talk to under the guise of a piss lap; to spare her feelings. I just could not let an opportunity to find out if you are someone who would be appreciative of what I have to offer be missed.
#techniques #assholes #cheaters #liars #pick-up lines
by waldenhooknosowsky January 21, 2012
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