a Piret is a person who is known for running around naked in public spaces. This behavior is often accompanied with drinking a lot of cheap beer, passing out and waking up the next day in strange places with other naked men.
person 1: "Hey, is that a Piret running around again?"
person 2 " Yeah it's already the 2nd Loic in 1 hour."
by Loiclover November 18, 2012
Top Definition
It is a girls name in country called Estonia, which is located between Finland and Russia. There is no other country using this name.

(pronounced-pe(be)reth(as a man's name Reth). Lot of times people think that you don't pronounce t at the end, but you do.
Piret Collection
Is a bikini collection by designer Piret Betten
by piret February 03, 2010
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