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pirate metal is a pseudogenre of heavy metal that usually deals with pirate like themesor sounds. The term pirate metal was originally coined by German Speed/Power metal band Running Wild, especially after the release of their third album "Under Jolly Roger". Some modern pirate metal bands include Alestorm, who use elements of folk and power metal in their music and Verbal Deception, who use elements of melodic death metal and folk metal.
"Pirate metal is kickass"
"WTF is pirate metal?"
"its basically anything with guitars and pirates"
"fucking awesome"
by Niagara Falls Metalhead April 16, 2009
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A variation of folk metal or power metal characterized through many thematic nautical melodies. It began with bands such as Running Wild in 1976 and continues today with such major names as Alestorm. The newest addition to the Pirate Metal genre is a band from Dublin called Wheels of Poseidon.
Wheels of Poseidon will be opening for Alestorm tonight at the Pirate Metal-fest
by Shoutin Will Bellamy January 22, 2011
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A fun, and exadurated "genre" of metal that is pretty hard to define. Has the german power metal sound (Running Wild) but with pirate melodies, and lyrics. Most recently Verbal Deception has been the most flamboyant Pirate Metal band, but with more focus on pirate melodies, but with death grunts.
Me: Hey dude check out this band Running Wild, there PIRATE METAL!!!

Dude: You dingus, theres no such thing as pirate metal.

Me: Haha, well you right, but it's still fun to pretend that there is!
by Ytsejam July 24, 2006
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