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(n) At the end of an awesome night, nothing wraps it up right quite like booty. Once the bars have closed, usually 2 AM, and success hasn't been found with new female/male prospects, this is the bar that is still open and where booty is guaranteed.

Pirate Bar: the place to get booty.

Note: booty is not guaranteed, however it is a common desire.

A booty call is usually made to multiple locations of Pirate Bar to see if booty is available.
1. (2 AM) I've had so much to drink, I don't think I can get it up for Pirate Bar.

2. Dude, the Pirate Bar on 4th street is open for my business.

3. Arrr, I love me the pirate bar!
by ScubaSnake January 16, 2011
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