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"Pippy" is an adjective used to describe someone who can be described by any combination of the following:

loud, abnoxious, annoying, fake, think's they're hot stuff, uncool, a joke to society, uncared about, foolish, immature, melodramatic, believes that their crazy beliefs are truth.
People: Regis Philbin, Rosie O'Donnell, Donald Trump, Nancy Grace, that guy from the 700 club, MySpace whores.

In a sentance: "Did you see that pippy girl on stage introducing that last band? She was talking about inside jokes she has with them. Lame, yeah?"

Other usage: "Welcome to Regis Philbin's New Year's Pippin' Eve!"
by Cargirl August 22, 2007
A name for a ginger girl with her hair in pigtail braids. Not a vagina.
"Pippy, go take the trash out"
by 00Pippy00 October 16, 2008
pippy is a slang term for the vagina
Honey, pull down your skirt a bit...we can see your pippy!
by Roington February 07, 2005
Small beure...bit slow and blonde...but shes great!
"its the 32nd today"..."there is no 32nd Pippy"
"Pippy, what do you get in a breakfast roll?"..."cereal"
by osmalls September 19, 2013
those little crumbs and miscellaneous tid bits left on the floor; fluffs and such.
"Pippies? What the fuck are pippies?"
by bumjala May 02, 2006
An offensive name for British people. Generally used by the Irish, Americans and Scottish.
Get the f*ck outta here you tea drinkin' Pippie!
by John 12345 April 03, 2004
Great, Excellent... usually used sarcastically.
Life is just pippy!
by Rusty the Great July 10, 2003
A fine ass girl with a nectar, sweet, tight ass trhat can be grabbed with one hand. She is uber hot and is in an abusive relationship and has a queermo, fatass Jew friend.
Juston and I gave Pippy the doublestuff in gym.
by A-train April 16, 2005