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A term used to describe WWE's, (World Wrestling Entertainment), very own Superstar, CM Punk, and his epic mic skills.
(Hey, somebody better call yo' momma, CM Punk just dropped a major Pipe Bomb!)
by WWE Forums January 24, 2012
A explosive used by armature anarchists, usually as a diversion or offensive attack. made by filling a 3/4 inch by 6 inch pipe with gun powder and tightly securing both caps on the ends. then a fire cracker fuse is inserted into a 1/16 inch hole in the side of the pipe(this has to be driled before
gun powder is inserted.)and secured with melted candle wax.
LOUD AS HELL can also cause plenty of shrapnel and makes awesome craters in earth sand etc.
that pipe bomb almost hilled me man!!

by dennis.l September 17, 2007
The source of the mysterious ticking noise.
Snape: What IS that mysterious ticking noise? *checks room* Not over here, not over there. ... Kinda... catchy.


Ron: I found the source of the ticking! It's a pipe bomb!
Everyone: YAYYYY!


Voldemort: *creepy* Muuuawahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa.
by Xandra Ben December 09, 2009
An adultarated ecstacy pill filled with piperazines.
Those blue transformers were pipe bombs, i felt like shit for like 2 days afterwards. Lets go find that dealer and beat the shit out of him.
by NickWut June 24, 2010
A crude explosive device created by packing fuel into a galvanized pipe. This compresses the blast, making it more powerfull, and provides schrapnel.
Say hello to Mr Pipebomb!
by Psiberzerker April 11, 2004
This (noun) is a pipebomb. A phrase used to describe something in various ways. It can be used to describe both positive and negative things and is really up to the user to decide how to portray the message and through the use of tone, up to the listener to understand it. Originally the phrase was used to describe someone being overly upset or angry and just waiting to go off into a fit of rage. Often occurrences of this scenario play off between aggravated celebrities and the paparazzi. Through the process of evolution the meaning of the phrase has been broadened and can be used to describe just about anything.

Dude, this MKII Vee-Dub is such a pipebomb. Check out it’s slammed.

I wouldn;t go in there. Kevin is a bit of a pipebomb right now. OSU just lost.

Look dude, Bjorn is a pipebomb right now, she’s about to rip that reporter’s head off.
by TheEskimoMan April 07, 2009
While dildoing a girl in the vagina, the orgasm may become so hard, that it shoots out the dildo. Usually happens with squirters.
Damn, she was so horny she pipebombed that dildo out of my hand!
by magoga April 29, 2006
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