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Pinky as in 'The Pinky and the Brain'

Pinky's a very beautiful, smart and adorable Lady. In fact, she's called Pinky because of the style of her clothes - the only colour besides black is Pink!

Because of her IQ, she shall be named 'the Pink Brain', i.e. she has the intelligence of Brain, but is lovely, cute and adorable as Pinky.. To make it easy for me, I am calling her my 'Princess'.. You're Gorgeous! I love you...
Have you seen that Girl right there wearing this fancy clothes?
Yeah, that's Pinky!

Who is that beautyful, longhaired, fine-ass-Girl with the pink hat?
That's my princess, she is sooooooooo Pinky!
by Zednjorita de la Cruz February 28, 2005