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Term used to describe a very close female friend.
Are you sleeping with that girl? Na fella, she a pink lady.
by Ian McDonnell April 11, 2006
Very strong MDMA content 120+mg, ecstasy pills. Domed shaped, pink with little dots, no score on them. effects almost like pure ecstasy!
G: i'm rollin' hard on a half bro.

H: what you got?

G: pink ladies

H: gimme some of that shit!
by Hblan* January 09, 2009
a capsule of secobarbital, a sedative drug
He was still in a stupor from taking the pink lady he pilfered from the office.
by The Return of Light Joker May 13, 2010
A type of apple. It is a combination of the classic green and red apple. It has a milder, sweeter, crisper flavor, and they tend to stay fresh longer.
Mmm, i love pink lady apples
by Xiophillio April 14, 2009
A term for Australian 5 dollar note. So called because of it's pink colour, and the fact that they used to have an image of Queen Elizabeth II on them
A begger asked me for some change the other day, but the smallest i had was a pink lady, so i said i didn't have anything.
by Capt_Bat June 14, 2010
pink lady is a delicious drink consumed during extended kayak trips. it makes you forget you're tired, hungry, and smelling funky.
The Pink Lady is a mix Red Hot Cinnamon Snapps and Goldschlager
by Kayak Bill August 24, 2008
pretty strong cocktail made by raspberry juice and vodka. they usually have it in china.
girl in a bar: i'll get a pink lady.
by tinydancer1 July 19, 2009
A group of popular, pretty and close friends/mates. Get on with every one in the community around them. A nice version of the girlgang in the film meangirls! Look after each other and their boy mates!!!
Shes one of the pink ladies!
by Torz October 12, 2006