An incredible group that was started in the 60s by a man named Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason. Syd named his band after two bluesmen in his record collection, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Thier early success was based on Syd's brilliant and childlike writing. Unfortunately, he lost his mind on LSD in 1968 and he was replaced by David Gilmour. After Syd, Pink Floyd NEVER did drugs. Their big hit came in 1973 with Dark Side of the Moon. All the lyrics consisted of Roger's dramatic writing about war, insanity, politics, time, and money. Arguments in the late 70s led to the breakup of the band, but David started it up again in the late 80s without Roger and Roger got pissed. Pink Floyd's last album, The Division Bell, came out in 1994. Roger and Dave's Pink Floyd put their differences aside to play one last show together at Live 8 in 2005.
"Hey dude! I just got Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd the other day, and it fucking ROCKS."

"It's an image we'd like to dispel, I think. It was very heavy a few years ago, but it's not so bad since. But I still think most people see us as a very drug-orientated group. Of course we're not."
-David Gilmour on Live at Pompeii (1972)
by Big man, pig man February 04, 2006
a talented rock group from england. unfortunately their music has been subject ot bastardization on the part of college students who discover marijuana and/or alchohol and think that listening to a band from the late 60's/70's whose music is everywhere makes them unique and therefore more intelligent than anyone who doesn't agree with them (see bill o'reilly)
90% of college kids are incapale of seeing the messages in Pink Floyd albums like Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall
by wwwwoooooooo! September 08, 2006
The most amazing band...EVER
amazing cd....the wall...amazing movie..the wall....wish you were here...also amazing..what havent they done that is?!?!
Is There AnyBody Out There? you think the'll try to break my balls

Hey you out there in the cold getting lonley getting old...

we dont need no education...We dont need no thought dark sarcasm in the classroom...teachers leave them kids alone..(hey teacher..leave them kids alone)all and all your just another brick in the wall (repeat 2x)

by Disa December 21, 2003
A British progressive rock band that formed in the late 1960s and toured until 1995, albeit with the mid-80s departure of bassist and singer Roger Waters. Despite the nearly 30 year career, most of the band's famous works were released in the 1970s. Their lyrics and sound have been both praised and critisized for being very trippy and unique. It often takes patience to enjoy Pink Floyd music, as many of their songs are very long and slow.

The band has some of the most recognizable logos in music history, including the famous cover of the 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon, the crossed-hammer logo from the 1984 movie version of the album The Wall, and the flying pig from the cover of the 1977 album Animals.

Notable works include Dark Side of the Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), and The Wall (1979).
- Do you listen to Pink Floyd?
- No, I'd rather listen to fast paced, loud, hard rock 'n roll. Y'know, like Guns 'n Roses or Audioslave.
- Oh, they're good, too.
by Spença B July 10, 2006
A band in the 60's and 70's that changed music forever. Most often you hear of The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon, but there is more to Pink Floyd. Such as Piper at the Gates of Dawn and Relics. Pink Floyd is a band that many get stoned to, put on side one of any of their vinyls, and just stare at walls until they fall asleep come down off their high.
Dude i put on the Pink Floyd album when I was stoned off my ass and stared at a wall for 3 hours.
by Bongicio Del Toro November 01, 2005
The best band of the 20th century.
Pink Floyd was best during Roger Watters era.
by Disillusioned Hippie September 17, 2005
Everyone has heard Pink Floyd sometime, for me, it played on the radio sometimes and it was "ok" music, but not my style. It sounded to me like something my parents would love, which probably tainted my view.
Then one time I took some sugar cubes of LSD, and was sitting down listening to the most beautiful, dramatic, life-changing sound I had ever heard in my life...I didn't know if my brain was making it up to accompany my mood, or if someone was singing, or if this was the sound you hear right before you die and go to heaven. It was the most haunting, ethereal noise. My life was then changed, I contemplated every single thing about myself, my life, the person I've become, and the music made me understand all of the questions I've ever had about life. Words cannot describe the beauty of this sound. After about 3 hours of heavy contemplation I asked what sounds everyone was hearing, and I asked if we were in a movie. Some girl looked at me knowingly and said, there's Pink Floyd for you! It is an amazing, original band and all of that, but when in the right state of mind (dropping on acid) it can change your entire life.
Tulip: Do you wanna listen to some Pink Floyd?

Normal Person: Yeah, I love that band! Classic.

Person who has really EXPERIENCED the music: Oh my God, yes. By the way, you're completely awesome and have the most excellent taste in music.
by Shannon P. Epilepsy August 19, 2007
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