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The act of pink socking a partner, or enemy pink socking themselves, and then proceeding to slap across the face or mirk the partner or enemy. It is an extremely useful tactic especially if the pink sockee has either ghonnorea or hpv, as this will leave enemys diseased and harmed.
Jose: Dude i swear to god if eric fucks with me one more time im gunna get pink socked and mirk him with it.
Tyler: Damn dude, thats rough.

Tyler: Dude Eric, jose said hes gunna pink sock mirk you
Eric: If that dirty ass beaner brings his pink sock anywhere near me im gunna pink sock battle him.

Barrack Obama needs to be pink sock mirked by a middle eastern male with hpv and ghonnorea.
by Jose Alcantara April 07, 2010