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(N.) A Homosexual Man who happens to know effeminate Martial Arts. It's also what 50 Cent considers Ja Rule to be.
"Too Sweet" and "Luscious" returned from the dojo and told the class they had become 3rd Degree Pink Belts. Booty!
by G-Union Resurrection May 06, 2005
19 10

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Noun. A guy who is really good at oral sex, esp making girls orgasm multiple times. The girl never has to fake it and he can even make her squirt on occasion.
A) Sally: How was your night with that guy you ditched me for?
Mary: It was awesome he was so good in bed, he was a pink belt...
Sally: Sweet I would have ditched me too.

B) Why is that hot chick with that normal looking dude? Haven't you heard he eats pussy like its his job hes a pink belt!
by Ninalicious69 August 17, 2012
1 0
See Ja Rule, Jeffrey Atkins
Yo, I ain't gotta spit nothin' at these kwaounds! I'ma 12-Degree Pink Belt! Holla!
by G-Union May 06, 2003
11 12