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A person who tags along with a couple.
-That couple is so friendly!
-I know, I always pineapple with them.
-Wow, you're such a pineapple...
by Pineapple:D May 17, 2011
1 1
someone who claims to be "hard as fuck" but is just a huge softie on the inside. (hard on the outside, mushy on the inside)
i used to be hard as fuck, but this girl turned me into a huge pineapple
by maddawg0888 March 24, 2011
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(adj.) The proper time to use this word would be in an awkward situation

Most often used in online chatting and talking in a group of close friends

If you get caught in an uncomfortable situation using Pineapple saves everything
user#1: Hey, you want to hook-up again?
user#2: WHAT!
user#1: wrong chat!
user#2: Pineapple....
by K8tea November 14, 2010
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1. a fragmentation grenade of any other type of hand grenade(because the surface is similar to a pineapple)

2. a job seekers allowance(the word dole, refers to this and a brand of various fruits, such as pineapple)
The gangster tried to toss a pineapple into the police car but missed.
by The Return of Light Joker February 22, 2008
5 5
Common Synonym for "Niggerfaggot" as made popular by the youtube channel derrickcomedy.
"A synonym please?"-Contestant
"One moment please....."-Judge
"Your Synonym is.... Pineapple"-Judge
by AndNowYouKnow August 22, 2012
1 2
The word at certain parties that signals the time for everyone present, regardless of gender, to take off their shirt. Occasionally it can be taken further and pants can be removed, as well.
Drunk girl: Pineapple??
Drunk guy: Pineapple!
Everyone in the room: PINEAPPLE!!!
by Mabella December 15, 2011
5 6
another word for nigga
That pineapple just stole my iphone. He's from Hempstead, NY
by candiman87 December 06, 2011
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