a small slender blunt..
yo..I had to roll a pinder kuz your boy skimped us on the bag(weed).
by homer_pimpson March 23, 2008
One who has a big head. And is also fat. See also Elephant Man and Hellboy
That pinder's head is the size of a small moon
by Joeyjoejoejr November 11, 2004
Apitamy of Rectal Expansion. Tends to go for younger and ugly species of the same sex. A faggot with a lisp. If you have one..say Syphalis out loud.
Elton John at a gya club on ecstacy.
SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSnake. (Say it if you have a lisp)
by Oompa Loompa January 13, 2005
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