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a phrase that sums up the life of a pimp...it's tough.
Had to shoot a ho when dat skank bitch wouldn't pay me the 90% that she fuckin' owes. Pimpin' ain't easy.
by Nick D February 19, 2003

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....But somebody gotta do it.

Meaning: It is a sho nuff bitch to get up and make this mad paper but it will be worth it on pay day.
Sally M.D. at three am on phone with Suzy: "pimpin' aint easy"
Suzy:"but somebody gotta do it"

Then Sally will generally bitch about her job in one breath and talk about buying that Benz in the next breath.

In this context "pimpin aint easy" is used for call and response. A human interaction that most African Americans enjoy!
by makeda1999 December 10, 2009
what Josh Briley says to Chase Lyday and Chris Sharrett on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure it's a decatur thing, so you wouldn't understand.
Hey, pimpin' ain't easy, fellas.
by lisagirl April 07, 2003