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a rather pimpin'impala
my 2000 impala. looked just like a cop car. she was bling bling baby!
by Pubert Qubert Quakenbush April 03, 2003
When the owner of a Chevrolet Impala places a small metallic "P" in front of the stock badges on the car completing the phrase "PIMPALA". Usually seen in accordance with:
-a set of obnoxious Chrome rims

-fake "Chrome" trim everywhere
-cheap sound system which rattles more than bumps
-Check engine light on, misfire, or smoking

-Neglect such as rust, paint peeling, dents
That guy is a tool driving around his "Pimpala" with some old out of date 20" peeling chrome rims with fake chrome door handles.

Sell your "Pimpala" and buy a 95 Impala SS. Won't make you a "pimp" but at least you'll have a very respectable car.
by 1CoolCat December 30, 2010
When a really cool person drives an Impala, it can be dubbed a Pimpala.
"Hey Sandra, what do you drive?"
"A Pimpala, yo."
by sandra January 06, 2005