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When u take the dominant back hand ( either right or left ) with the pinky ring shinning and hit the uncooperative bitch till she does as u wish
"If u dont get on ya knees im gonna pimp smack you. "
by Classick March 16, 2003
To back hand a bitch who pisses you off.
ex. If your girl friend doesn't stop bitching, well then you just back hand her or "pimp smack" her til she stops.
by mike trainor March 16, 2003
A pimpsmack is originally used by pimps to control their whores, it involves raising your arm back so it looks like your scratching your left ear with your right hand, and bringing it down on the side of someones face.
Aaron decided he had put up with Mikey turning tricks on the side for long enough, and laid down the law with a mighty pimpsmack.
by MrDanger March 10, 2004
a method of keeping annoying little bitches in line.
I pimp smacked that kid so hard he'll never talk back to me again.
by Sir turts alot May 15, 2006
1. The act of smacking a bitch with the back of your hand, usually in order to establish dominance or control. Can also be used to show someone who's boss.
1. The bitch was out of line so I pimpsmacked her ass.

2. "I'm the boss around here" proceeded with a pimpsmack.
by Da Biggest Boss February 28, 2009
The art of smacking whores or white trash with the back of a hand that has bling attached.
You're my whore bitch! Followed by a pimp smack.

Hey dude, my mum has DD breasts.
What the fuck?! proceeded by a pimp smack.
by REVOLV3R November 04, 2007
to hit someone with a wallet or a fist full of money.
by Hybrid March 11, 2005
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