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A woman, usually in a of a curious/bisexual context, who wants to experience pleasure from oral sex, but who is unwilling to reciprocate.
Jane: All Jill ever does when we have sex is just lay back and have me do all the work. She is such a pillow princess!
by FriarPablo December 29, 2005
A woman who enjoys sex, but prefers not to reciprocate as much as he gives. She feels both parties' pleasure should be reached by pleasuring her.
Jane is such a brat, even in bed; she is a pillow princess.
by ethereal4real May 08, 2010
Usually a girl that likes guys but sometimes girls, just rarely. She likes to receive but not give. Like head from both of the sexes but will most likely NOT return the favor.
She's hot, but she's a fucking pillow princess, dude.
by bigboogybitch October 23, 2011
A gay male usually a power bottom who lies about his sexual position online. Usually says he's a versatile but really means bottom. When you hook up with him, he usually starts out ok then gradually starts becoming more and more submissive. To the point that they are head down in the pillow taking it up there asshole. This why they are term pillow princess because all they do is love to get fucked head down in the pillow while they take it like a bitch.
My boyfriend fucks me every single time we have sex, I hate being such a pillow princess.
by Apple4adam July 17, 2016
A gorgeous girl who is a Major disappointment in bed.
a pillow princess is VERY good looking but when you get her in bed she just lays there.
She is sexually lame and most always has not even the slightest vocalization during intercourse.
A pillow princess looks hot but when she is in bed is basically an inanimate object with a pulse.

a pillow princess goes through the motions sorta like a little kid eating something they dont like.
by thederby July 28, 2013
a girl (most always very attractive) who is sexually frigid.
A pillow princess is the kind of girl who looks great but lays in the bed like dead wood when having sex.
a pillow princess is so inept at sexual acts it is almost impossiable to comprehend who one good look that good and be so lacking in sexual prowess.
by thederby August 24, 2013
A sexual term for when a guy has his hands behind his head during sex and does nothing but lay there and let the lady do all the work. Like a dead fish for a girl.
Jaime got all upset n called me a "pillow princess" because I wouldn't touch her breast as she rode me hard.
by ughbug June 29, 2012
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