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Another form of the popular peekaboo, but cuter
Oh lets play pika boo!
by haloluver May 08, 2010
A pikaboo is, but is not limited to :

1) A very cool and sexy person 8). There are only 2 out there, cos we're special.
2) A very sexy and cool person 8).
3) An Annaboo.
4) A Jacooboo.

She's my pikachu + boo.

ilyanna !
asiancrapx: Hay pikaboo <3
xpoopxbearx: Hay pikaboo <33 !
somerandomdude: wow pls i want to be a pikaboo i want to be sexy and cool :(
xpoopxbearx: ilypikaboo.
asiancrapx: ilypikaboo<3.
by PikabooJacooboo. March 14, 2008

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