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When there is a walking and talking pig in your high school. Sometimes this pig will follow other human classmates around, and try to invite himself places. although this pig believes he has many friends, he is truely ridiculed and used by any class mates. Ways of spotting one would be, Piglet nose, piglet ears, smells like ham, and an overall douchebag. Many people refer to it as a ham sandwich, walking bacon, and a tool.
Student 1: "Dude, did you notice that pig walking to pre-calc this morning"
Student 2: "Ya dude wtf was up with that, it was like pigs in a classroom or something.
Student 1: "ya idk bout whatever it was it sure made me hungry
Student 2: Ya its probably a douchebag
Student 1: DEFINATLY
by BC COURTNEY November 08, 2009
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