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a bitchy borel middle school teacher the is a stupid, racist person and a bad example for any one

(plus she might be a druggy)
Mrs. Pierpont is a stupid bitch
(whip noises)(whip noises)(whip noises)

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The Most Kickass Beach in the World.
"Hey dude I'm gonna go down to Pierpont and kick it with some friends."

"Aight, I'll meet you there."
by Brando96 April 04, 2010
A Store and former town in central Missouri.
Let's go to the historic Pierpont Store and get us some smokes!
by originalfucktard March 05, 2003
a stupid teacher at borel middle school who is a racist smart ass bitch and if she had a gun she would kill everyone in the class and then herself because she forgot she gets paid because of the students
by im not tellin muhahahahahaha March 30, 2004
The most bitchy racist teacher ever if you have her you will die on the inside after the 2nd day
Pierpont is the bitchiest teacher ever
a person who is fat and thinks they are black
by Tim January 30, 2003