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1. A pirate who steals, pillages, and acts generally badass for the purpose of obtaining pie.

2. A pirate who IS a pie.

3. The ever rising costs of pie.

4. One (most often a pierate) who has eaten an entire pier, mistaking it for a pie.

5. A ratio, approximately 1.15, equal to that of pi and e.
No specific examples, though the more badass a person is, the more likely it is that they are, in fact, a pierate.

Examples of people badass enough to be pierates, though they aren't: Aron Ralston, John Hirsch, Sigurdur Petursson (may be a pierate, unconfirmed), Edward Teach, Grigori Rasputin
by Bartholomew Roberts December 10, 2003
A builder named Pier Angeli in Southeast Michigan who steals money from prospective home-buyers.
I signed a contract with that Pierate, and now I'm broke.
by Katrina Lenore August 15, 2004