Probably the greatest internet cartoon in existence.
Pico just killed a bunch of goth kids... yay, we're saved!!
by Mr. GS December 27, 2004
Top Definition
The penis, in Chilean slang. Literally in Spanish, means "peak".
Chupame el pico! - suck my dick!
by Beto el Geek November 09, 2004
PiCO is a unix editor that comes by default with popular linux distros.
user1: im leet, i use vi
user2: im a practical person, i use pico
by alter_indigo October 10, 2006
A Machine gun-toting original Character by Tom Fulp for,the unnofical mascot of the website. Has series of online games,cartoons,ect...
Catch Prase:"Got Clip?"
Pico Killed an angry mob with his Machine gun.
by Anonymous(not really) May 31, 2004
a word that decribes anything small.
a small cello= picocello
a small violin= picoviolin
a small orchestra= picostrings
picolo= just plain annoying!
by wolfboneslova May 27, 2011
a mountain in Vermont. About a mile away from killington mountain. Also, it's owned by Killington. Nice mountain with a variety of different difficulty trails.
I went skiing all last week on pico mountain.
by kkaatt January 02, 2006
In Ecuador means a fast kiss just put their lips together but not very passionate.
Me dí un pico con el Juan
by Michu5 April 12, 2016

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