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Term commonly used by Pittsburgh Penguins color commentator Bob Errey to describe using a hockey stick to poke a hockey puck from under a goalie's pads.
"He tried to pickle stick that one in there."
"He gave that one the old pickle stick."
by MarcettaW January 19, 2006
1: Another word for a hockey stick used in a such a fashion as to poke a hockey puck.

2: A stick used to poke a pickle to more easily place a pickle in a jar without getting ones hands dirty.

3: A stick used to beat misbehaving and insolent pickles.
He gave it the old pickle stick.
He pickle sticked that puck from underneath the goalies pads.
Get the pickle stick out of my face!!
He put to pickle in the pickle jar using his trusty pickle stick.
You better settle down pickles or I will be force to pull out my pickle stick and beat the shit out of you!!!
by Rwarner174 January 20, 2006
Someone that smells like a pickle. They are also quite skinny.
"hey, vanessa you're a picklestick!"

"gasp! You think I'm skinny and smelly?"

by ThePickleBros October 21, 2009
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