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the constant pounding of a woman while riding cowgirl causes extreme pressure on the man's bladder. Having nowhere else to go, the man proceeds to urinate on the girl's hair and then continues intercourse. Upon completion, the man then ejaculates in the woman's hair. The combination of urine and ejaculate causes the hair to take on an odor like that of pickle juice.
Tommy: Oh baby, keep riding that dick!

(girl continues to ride)

Tommy: Oh shit baby, I really gotta piss

Baby: uh uh uh...oh shit...well....i guess just piss in my hair, i'm too horny to wait

(Tommy proceeds to piss in her hair and the continue intercourse)

Tommy: Ugh ugh oh baby i'm cumming in your hair!!!!!
Baby: What the fuck?!?!
Tommy: Pickle Hair and you got it from me!!!
by quikstop03 May 29, 2010
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