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A beer in Grand Theft Auto IV. Parody of Budweiser. Means "Urine water" in German. Commercial song performed by Anthony Cumia from Opie & Anthony.
Last night I think I shit the bed/Got so drunk I gave a dude head/Life is just a blissful blur/When you pop a Pißwasser/Pisswasser, don't drink it too slow/3 A.M., buy some blow/Sleep in the bathroom on the floor/What really matters anymore?/All the crap you do all day/Who fucking cares anyway/Pisswasser--this is beer!/Drive drunk--off a pier!/Pisswasser--drink all day/It helps your troubles go away!/

Pisswasser: cheap German logger for export only.
by Mister X 3 July 18, 2009
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Cheap and toxic german beer indistinguishable from Newcastle Brown ale that tastes like pish.
German in Newcastle :My good man this Newcastle brown ale tastes like pisswasser

Thick Geordie: Oi you cheaky bastid are yo sayin owa beer tastes like pisswassa?

German : No I said pisswasser

Thick Geordie: that's alreet then
by qwertyu3 December 05, 2008

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