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Pi Pi Delta or (ΠΠΔ)

(n.) Established in March of 2007 in Grace Covell. A co-ed fraternity centered around the core values of friendship, community service, life-long bonds, and scholarship.

Current President: Katherine Warnke
Fraternity Co-Founders: Katherine Warkne and Laura Easton
Vice-President of Education and Membership: Laura Easton
Official Historian: Lisa Park
Official Secretary: Sarah Hampton
Current Pledges: Janet Cheung, Joyce Huh, and Emilie Thomas
1. Pi Pi Delta has the fiiinest people on campus!
2. You're amazing, you must be in Pi Pi Delta, the best fraternity ever.
3. So I hear the Pi Pi Delta president's hot...
by uhhyeah March 25, 2008

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