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bruv, ur a neek man, stop beggin it, bout ur cool, go bak 2 stanly richard man, ur gay and u beg it wit every chick you can, just coz u cant get nuffin, and its like ur in yr 10 and u have fancies people in yrs 7-9, UR A FREAK!
hello im richard, im so cool i call myself phreeze, my penis is so small it will only fit in people that r younger than me, i get turned on by 12 yr olds! UR SICK RICHARD
by sum1 from harris August 05, 2003
Phreeze at Harris keeps it cool. i'm da real deal around here.sometimes i can be chilled, sometimes i can be cool, but u dnt wnt to mess with the real freeze cause u'll end up feelin the ice.
yo tht man is the PHreeZE.
whoah dats below sub-zero.
The real PHreeZE.
The PHreeZE is on.
by PHreeZE July 18, 2003
i think ur a really nice person,who generally cares for people ....
but just dnt big up ursalf using the phrase ..''cool'' find a better word
by anon August 17, 2003