An intimate, sexually oriented, extended phone call with a friend, also known as phone-boning....
Man, me and Melanie were in to some serious phonication last night
by JPnEB May 28, 2009
Top Definition
Derived from fornication (sexual intercourse between two unmarried people) and phone sex (sexual activities that take place over the phone e.g. talking dirty, sending nude pictures, etc)
The availability of cell phones to teenagers has led to a sharp increase in phonication.
by This is not my real name. August 07, 2009
sexual relationship over phone.
She lives in Florida and Lou lives in New York so they can only enjoy share in the Phonication.
by Therston April 12, 2011
(also known as telephonication)
A cleverly derived synonym for phone sex.
Gal A: I told her he's not allowed over here because everyone can hear them having wall-banging sex every night.

Gal B: So did she end up going to his house?

Gal A: No! Now, all she does is sit in her bedroom and phonicates with him for hours....while I'm in the room!!

Gal B: You know, I was never a huge fan of phone sex....too many awkward silences.

Gal A: Yeah...I definitely prefer actual sex to phonication.
by Teresa Anastasia September 13, 2007
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