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The rash (over the last several years) of misspellings, misuses and mispronunciations of every-day words, especially on the bottom of the screen "tickers" on news channels, and the sad fact of acceptance of these mistakes.
Mispronounce-SupposEDly. NOT- supposively, supposubly,supposofly, etc..

Misuse of words-Indigenous instead of indigent

Misspellings-TendONitis, not tendINitis.
AdvisOR, not advisER.

This could also lend itself to beginning sentences with "and" or "but".

Mike-I'm going down to the Tigers game tonight.

Dave-Better leave early, supposively there's new contruction on 94.

Mike-Dude, you mean supposEDly. These damn phonic booms are becoming much too frequent.
by Michael Chojnacki August 30, 2008
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