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A person who spends the entire day waiting for a phone call, usually darting their eyes to the phone every few seconds to see if it would start magically ringing. Like a vulture, whenever someone else would like to make a phonecall or receive one, the phone-vulture screams at them to "keep the freaking lines open", and on most occasions rears up to attack.

For cellphone-users, people usually look at the screen every two minutes to see the time, and check their inbox for any unread text-messages.
Fred: Did you see how Jenny was waiting around the phone like that? My grandmother is calling today and she won't let me use it.

Carol: Oh, yeah. She had a one night stand with Tom and he's supposed to call her. Of course he never will, but you know how much of a phone vulture she can be.
#phonevulture #phone-vulture #phone-watcher #loser #desperate
by Red_Stump August 25, 2009
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