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Phone Stalking is the continious non-stop, relentless phone calling to the same phone number determined to get the other person to pick up.
Man.... last night, her phone stalking me for over an hour really got to me, but I didn't want to talk to her and didn't answer her call.
by stunningone September 16, 2010
The act of staring at your phone, relentlessly, hoping that it will ring. Generally, phone stalkers are hoping a SPECIFIC person will call, not just any random person. Other symptoms of phone stalking include: checking that the battery is charged, making sure the ringer is on loud enough to be heard and making random calls to your friends to make sure your service is still active.
A: Man, stop looking at your phone...
B: Shut it, I am just making sure its on in case {name} calls.
A: STOP phone stalking,. She'll call when she wants to. LAME.
by dcgrl September 24, 2011
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