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a cool cat that digs nuggets, mushies, doses, chills in the lot, but mostly LOVES PHiSH! they're all about the tunes
I just got a phat sack of nuggets from that phish kid in the patch pants
by Coloneal Forbin January 24, 2009
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A particular type of tourkid who primarily follows the jamband Phish. Known for excessive use of crack-cocaine, heroin and other opiates Phish kids are known for the sales of fake chemical substances, robbing each other and other forms of general scumbaggery.
What happened at the hotel last night? I saw an ambulance" "oh, some Phish Kid overdosed on heroin that he bought with money he made selling fake doses at Bonnaroo. I heard he robbed a few kids at last nights show too"
by PrAnkStaR September 25, 2010

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