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Philosophize is an Australian hip hop artist born '89. He writes songs about ideas and concepts he has philosophized making us look at our lives in a different light. He writes songs like this to open peoples minds and writes " a hope that my music can better my listeners life even if it is only for the duration of the song".
He became known when he started releasing songs at the beginning of 2008 on the internet on sites such as youtube and myspace as many underground artists do.
Out on the street corner
The boy and girl first kissed
Out on the street corner
Happily play the kids
Out on the street corner
The drug dealer works
Out on the street corner
The hooker sells herself
Out on the street corner
No one is safe
Out on the street corner
The girl gets raped
Out on the street corner
Is a reflection on life
Out on the street corner
Boy kills himself in the night

Taken from "Street Corner" – Philosophize
by Percival Jenkins June 10, 2008
Philosophize is an Aussie Hip Hop artist who quickly made a mark on the music Australian hip hop scene when he first released music through and

by whifty scent March 25, 2009
Sickest Aussie Rapper!
We don’t know where we’re going but we know where we are
So cherish every moment or it’s lost in the past

Time- Philosophize
by Verityovich August 28, 2008
verb; to talk about something in a philosophical manner, usually involving debate about ontology, epistemology, and occasionally hermeneutics; typical of those in academic environments, especially at the college level
We philosophized about poop over our lattes.
by the crunge October 20, 2005
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