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Taking the Philly Taco to the next level.

1. Butterscotch Tastykake (preferably from Wawa)
2. Cheesesteak from Jim's on South Street.
3. One slice of pizza from Lorenzo's on South Street

Assembly Instructions:
1. Unwrap the Tastykake and place both halves inside the cheesesteak
2. Wrap the pizza slice around the cheesesteak/Tastykake combo to complete the Holy Trinity
3. Devour in delight
A: What's a good way to make my heart explode?
B: The Philly Hat Trick.
by drexel joey b April 19, 2009
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Same as a Philadelphia Hat Trick When no matter how you try to succeed and get people's hopes up, you fuck up 3 times in a row (usually within a year) and ruin you or someone else's hopes.
A true Philadelphia Hat Trick: Eagles, Flyers, and Smarty Jones
by Nebuchadnezzar June 07, 2004

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