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The author of the definition dated March 16, 2009 sucks chode.
Fuck the Mutts. David Wright has a vagina.

Only moron Mutt fans spell it "Phillidelphia Phillies".
#lolmets #metsfail #gaymets #metschoke #douchemets
by The Dude '93 August 24, 2009
A team of 25 homosexuals such as jimmy rollins, ryan howard, chase utley, cole hamels, and shane victorino, that suck dick for the first 161 games of the season and then steal first place from the mets even though the Mets are the far supirrior team. 2007, and 2008 Mets are first place the ENTIRE season and then the undeserving 2nd place phillies try calling themselves first place when in reality the Mets are the real 2006, 2007, and 2008 NL East Champions and 2008 World Champions.
New York Mets. Phillidelphia Phillies.
#chris benoit #new york mets #new york #queens #phillies suck
by Phillies Suck Dick...GO METS!! March 16, 2009
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