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IS a persistent Celebrity

Are super cool and the sexiest men on Earth. They are extremely smart and quick-witted. Philip Finelli's always have enormous dicks and make love quite well. They can do things in the bed that no other people can. They are jacked beyond belief and can rip you apart. During times of need they are always there and will do anything for you. Philip Finelli's are fantastic, especially at anything they do. Born comical and Intellectual. Things to remember him by are his ominous office chair, bad spelling. imagination, creativity, Microsoft paint mastery, philosophy, outside the box mentality, Nike air max's and talking themselves up in the Urban dictionary.

(grammar checked by a vicki)
Did you Know that PhilipFinelli wrote the urban dictionary while facebooking and making coffee for his 3 girlfriends.
by IAMPERSISTENT September 13, 2011