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When a couple is engaging in intercourse, paricualarry doggy style, and the rear partner takes a pinecone and shoves it in the anus or vagina, and then drop kicks it. May and probably will cause Anal or Vaginal bleeding.
Jane: "John, not so rough."
John: "I'll show you rough."
*inserts pinecone*
Jane: "Owwwwh, what was that?"
John: "You'll see."
*drop kicks pinecone*
Jane: "OWWWWHHHH!!!, YOU MOTHERFUCKER, It's over!!!"
John: Finally that bitch left, but SHIT, I have blue balls now!!!

Jim: "Dude did you listen to me and give your girlfriend the Philidelphia Pinecone?"
John: "Yah bro thanks alot, it actually worked, but I have blood on my sheets now."
by Tom Progression August 08, 2008
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