Honesty, the sorority with the most busted looking girls you'll ever see.
Wait, ew, she's in a sorority?
HAH, yeah, Phi Mu.
Ohh, okay.
by ThanksManitsReptar May 06, 2014
Generally very nice and loving girls that seem very bonded to one another, they are typically the left overs that no other sorority wanted and normally lack in beauty and weight control. They are sometimes teased with jokes like: 'Rattle, rattle, here come the cattle!', 'Phi Moo', and/or 'That girls a Phi Who?'. They are the second oldest sorority in the nation, their colors are rose and white, and their mascot is the lion.
Girl A: I'm pledging Phi Mu!
Girl B: Oh, that's nice. They're some pretty nice girls.
Girl C: Rattle, rattle, here come the cattle!
by BrokeRich March 20, 2009

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