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A medical and pre-med fraternity that has chapters internationally. The Binghamton chapter was the first pre-med chapter established. It has a lot of hot guys and girls (did I mention it's co-ed?) who have the brains for getting into various health related fields and who also hold a lot of volunteer events.
1- Damn I wanna be a cool doctor.
2- You should join Phi Delta Epsilon.

Nice shoes wanna rush?
by PDE AB August 31, 2008
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Co-Ed Pre-medical Fraternity At SUNY Binghamton

The DORKIEST most pathetic Fraternity At SUNY Binghamton. The girls are either busted AND fat or just plan BUSTED. The guys are a bunch of dumbass AZN wannabes. No one in that frat actually makes it into medical school. I'd rather kill myself than pledge for them.
by DEM April 01, 2004
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