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When you hiccup alot.
Heather: why are you hiccuping so much?
Candice: because my phases of humor are acting up.
Heather: i think you should get that checked out. Sounds Serious.
Candice: i'll set an appointment next week.
(next week...)
Dr. Wenis: what brings you in today?
Candice: i have a terrible case of phases of humor.
Dr. Wenis: oh ok. lets get you to take pregnancy test.
Candice: but i havnt had sex, Doctor.
Dr. Wenis: it is just to check your level of calcium in your blood.
Candice: I drink orange juice everyday.
Dr. Wenis: Your results are back, and they say you have cancer of the cotton surrounding your heart.
Candice: Am i going to Die?
Dr. Wenis: No, but your fish will.
Candice: OH SNAP!!!
(The End)
by The Fishtankers July 06, 2010